Welcome – First Post

This blog is mainly going to be about Reverse Engineering malware. I’m sure i’ll got on tangents of various other infosec related content but the focus will mainly be Reverse Engineering malware.

About Me

I’m Butters, that’s me! Well not really, but for whatever reason a friend called me Butters from SouthPark one day and it just stuck. Hell, I like Butters character so I run with it.

I’ve been in infosec for about six years now. I got my start in a SOC, moved to another SOC, an MSSP, to finally an Intel team doing reverse engineering. That Intel job unfortunately didn’t workout for me and I found myself back on a SOC for the time being. This blog is my chance to learn and get up to par to where I need to be to work my way back into Intel.

Anyways, hope y’all enjoy the content.

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